Susun Self Drilling Anchor Bolt system is a fully threaded hollow core bar that is initially a server as a drill rod with a lost bit, and later, once grouted in, it becomes an anchor tendon that can be stressed and locked off with a nut. Susun Self Drilling Anchor Bolt system provides the optimal solutions for nailing, bolting, micro piling and as ground anchors in difficult ground and rock conditions. Technical Data Bar SizeR25NR32LR32NR32SR32SSR38NR51LR51N Nominal outer diameter(mm)2532323232385151 Nominal inner diameter(mm)1321201815243533 Cross section area of bar(mm2)240310350430480590740940 Ultimate load(kN) 鈮?/p>200250280360405500550800 Yield load(kN) 鈮?/p>150190230280300400450630 Ultimate strength(N/mm2) 鈮?/p>830800800830840840740850 Yield strength(N/mm2) 鈮?/p>620610650650620670600670 Elongation A5(%)鈮?/p>鈮?.00 E Modulus (GPa)178180185205180202182185 Nominal weight (kg/m) Thread (left-hand)CMP Internal standard and based on ISO 10208 and 1720 etc. Steel gradeASTM A519-03 5140/EN 10083-1 41Cr4 Hardness(HB)230-300Self Drilling Hollow Bar System website: